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I can't get my membership started again. My old card and new are the same number, the new date is 04/17. I can't get into my account because it won't read my same old email address. And I have tried to contact IMDB with no results. It really sucks, My name is Asmar Muhammad, my email is There is no number to call or a person to talk to, the people who have the guts to contact me have the same old answer which don't have... Read more

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  • Jun 09
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Camilla Traynor: Well... This is Louisa Clark. Nathan will talk you through his equipment. Nathan: I’m here, Mother. You don’t have to talk across me. My *brain* isn’t paralyzed. Yet. this quote is from Me before you quote page and this is wrong information. The person who said the second quote "I'm here mother," was said by Will not Nathan.

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I still haven't heard I just got some number, I'm so upset to hv hd what lil money I had left taken yet I hvnt even heard Anything yet.

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This company took money out my account my trial ws only on day one, this company took $33. 87 then I try contact it's bunch BS, I went on website then I did capcha nothing happened other saying my time expired, how whn Everything is fillout. I need this company to contact me now. I want ALL my money refunded back to my acct, trial said free 5 days, how is it took money out same day. That Very unprofessional, very deceiving, very disappointing, Read more

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I tried a free trial of IMDb Pro and wasn't sure I wanted the service and cancelled it. A few months later I thought I would try it and went to register for an account. After revealing my email, IMDb automatically charged the credit card I used for the previous account. I did not want that card charged. While trying to find a number whch included contacting the parent company Amazon, I learned that even the Amazon Corporate office couldn't... Read more

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I am registered with IMBd but attempting to use the website i.e. To add further t.v. credits is an absolute nightmare. Why is it so complicated. I have been attempting to add my credit to "The *** Emery Show" but am informed there is no such listing for the dates I submit. I then find it is listed on one of your sites. Ridiculous. I am not certain of the dates I was Production Designer on the show. I worked at the B.B.C. from 1963-1969 and it... Read more

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  • Nov 14, 2015
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I signed up for IMDb 30 day trial, thinking I might subscribe to the "Pro" version. A very DUMB policy immediately revealed: You can NOT control the listing of "Known For" at all. It is randomly generated. In my case, I have produced more than 200 television shows ... mostly for PBS and public television. Some of the programs are concerts by significant celebrities. But the "known for" that the automated system generates about me are three... Read more

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I think it is absolutely ridiculous that a major database like this can't just help me fix such a miniscule problem like the one i have. Why must i go through page after page after page in this absurd forum? Forget about the fact that it's 2015 and you don't have a "chat now" feature, but to not have an email section is borderline comical. I never complain about anything but I'm sure the person reading this can understand how madening a tiny... Read more

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Stuart Clark has registered himself with consumer advice lines as someone who is legally qualified to act for an individual in civil law matters. I turned to him as I was unsure whether my tenancy deposit was protected or not. He informed me that it was not, which I later found to be false, and also assured me he was legally qualified and was correct. After writing to my landlord, he was insistent that I should take them to court and asked me to... Read more

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I have upgraded to imdbpro recently and haven't received my validation email, even if i hit the resend button, on multiple times. i tried to find a direct customer service contact from imdb but, sadly, was not lucky in my search. Could you help with this problem or an actual email that might be of any use to me? I don't have a hotmail, gmail or yahoo email address, it is the address based on an actual domain. What could I possibly do to receive... Read more

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